How Much Could You Potentially Save with Solar in St. Louis?

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A solar panel system could prove to be a beneficial foundation to an energy-efficient home. With that said, there are several factors that determine how effective solar panels can be for your home. It’s difficult to determine exactly how much solar could potentially help you save on your electric bills over time without taking these variables into account. Let’s look closer at what shapes your potential savings with solar at your St. Louis home. 

Your Location And Direction

Do you know which direction your home faces? The direction of your home can determine the amount of electricity your panels are capable of receiving. Homes with roofs that face south, east or west have the chance to receive the most sunlight during the day. Roof surfaces that face north will not give you enough sunlight for solar to be viable!

Our team of solar experts will work with you to determine a custom, optimized placement for your solar panel installation, ensuring you’ll receive a maximized amount of sunlight for your home. 

Your Solar System Size

How many solar panels you have can be a factor in how much you could potentially save on electric bills with solar. As a general rule, the more panels you have as part of your solar system, the more you could potentially save on electric bills over time. However, this does not mean you need dozens of panels at your home for solar to fit your needs. Our team can determine how many panels will work best for your home based on your electricity use and ongoing goals.  

Your Electricity Costs

Your electricity bill is often one of the biggest factors when it comes to potential savings. How much you are able to potentially save often depends on how much you would originally be paying for electricity from the grid. To determine this, we’ll need to do some math.

Source?As of August 2021, the average cost of electricity for Missouri residents is $0.1321 cents per kilowatt-hour. The U.S. overall, for comparison, pays $0.1399 per kWh. From this number, we’ll track the average Missourian’s electric costs over the course of a year. 

On average, Americans used 10,715 kilowatt hours of electricity in 2020. By multiplying that number by the average cost of electricity for Missouri residents, we can estimate the average yearly cost of electricity for a household. The resulting number is $1,415.45. That’s how much the average Missourian could be paying for electricity on a yearly basis. 

By using a renewable energy source like solar power, you may potentially see that number reduced, which can potentially lead to saving thousands of dollars over time! By owning your power, you can potentially reduce your reliance on grid energy.

Learn How Solar Can Work For You

Pink Energy’s vision for nationwide solar power starts with customers like you! We’re more than happy to help you evaluate how solar panels could work to potentially lower your electric bills and carbon footprint. Get in touch with us today for a free quote!