Solar Tax Incentives For Missouri Homeowners

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Adding solar panels to your Missouri home means potential savings on your electric bill, not to mention a step in the right direction for saving the environment. However, the benefits don’t stop there! There are several other solar incentives available for Missouri homeowners considering adding solar. 

If you’re living in Missouri and you’re wondering how going solar can benefit you, read more about some potential available rebates and tax incentives below.

Utility-Offered Solar Energy Rebates

Missouri homeowners may have access to several solar energy rebates depending on their utility company. Columbia Water & Light offers a solar rebate which encourages people to go solar by offering up to $625 per kilowatt of solar power generation capacity added to their home (up to 10kW). Meanwhile, Empire District Electric offers a rebate of up to $.25 per watt generation capacity installed on your home, depending on your qualifications. 

Before you invest in solar energy, it’s not a bad idea to contact your current utility company to see the rebates and benefits they offer, if any, for adding solar panels to your home. This will give you a better idea of what rebates and benefits you may qualify for and how you can take advantage of them.

Solar Property Tax Exemption

All solar homeowners in Missouri are exempt from property tax increases that result from installing solar panels on your home. So you won’t pay a penny extra in property taxes for this home upgrade, but you can benefit from a potential increase your home’s value, based on Zillow’s findings! Who doesn’t like being in the position of getting the best of both worlds?

The Federal Tax Solar Credit

Qualifying homeowners also can apply for the federal solar tax credit, which allows them to potentially reduce the cost of their solar energy system by up to 26%. This is a great option to look into for any homeowner interested in going solar!

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